Toshiba Mirai 2.0kw wall mount system

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Toshiba Air Conditioning Mirai 2.0kw wall mount system

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Toshiba Air Conditioning Mirai 2.0kw wall mount system

1 x Toshiba Air Conditioning Wall Mounted MIRAI RAS-07BKVG-E Complete system
15 Meters of 1/4″ & 3/8″ Pipes
15 Meters of cable for interconnecting cable
15 Meters of installation for pipes
1 X Pack of cable ties
1 x Premium Wall bracket for condensing unit

Toshiba R32 refrigerant air conditioning units offer Innovation, efficiency, high reliability, energy savings and environmental respect. These are the powerful values at the heart of Toshiba’s air conditioning equipment. For over 50 years Toshiba has been providing its clients with the guaranteed accuracy and expertise of flawless Japanese quality for a exceptional price.

The new MIRAI was created and developed with the aim of achieving total osmosis between the user and the product. Together, its technical features and its smart functions form the foundation for excellence in  air conditioning, in line with its owner’s expectations. The new Toshiba high wall unit is a perfect fusion of aesthetics and technology. With its discreet look, its flowing lines, its simple curves and its back-lit finishing, it is truly a high-tech decorative ornament. Whether switched on or off, its harmonious design and highly compact size (only 799 mm long) blend perfectly into any home décor. MIRAI  guarantees well-being at its best – and at its quietest! Throughout its development, the utmost care and attention was paid to keeping sound to an absolute minimum. And that makes the new high wall unit the quietest in its category only 22 dB(A).

Inverter technology maintains the local environment at precisely the selected temperature. Its high levels of performance and efficiency are able to meet the most demanding requirements. MIRAI is equipped with a self-cleaning function that reduces damp and mold in the indoor unit coil thanks to the combination of special coated aluminum fins facilitating condensate water evacuation and internal fan continuing to run before shutting down automatically when MIRAI is switched off. This ensures long-lasting performance and high quality air circulation.

Product Key Feature’s:

  • High CoP, up to record 3.91 A+
  • Infra-red controller with option of weekly timer
  • Slim construction 230mm
  • Pipe runs up to  20 meters
  • Low noise 22dBA on low
  • Cold draft prevention on heat pump start up
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Auto re-start after power interruption
  • PRE-CHARGED WITH REFRIGERANT for up to 10 metres pipe length
  • Cleaner and healthier air with ion generator incorporated in indoor unit.
  • Light weight noise absorbing outdoor unit
  • Modern flat-panel design
  • Selectable fan speeds
  • Extremely low sound levels
  • Superior 3 in 1 air filtration
  • Power supply to indoor or outdoor
  • R32 refrigerant

 Technical Data:
Cooling capacity (Min./Nom./Max):0.67 / 2.00 / 2.60 kW

Heating capacity (Min./Nom./Max):0.55/ 2.50 / 3.30 kW

Consumption power – cooling (Min./Nom./Max):0.18 / 0.80 / 1.00 kW

Consumption power – heating (Min./Nom./Max):0.15 / 0.90 / 1.10 kW

Nominal efficiency EER cooling: 3.45

Seasonal efficiency SEER cooling: 5.6

COP: 3.91


Annual energy consumption (Cooling/Heating): 153 / 700 kWh

Energy label (Cooling / Heating): A+ / A+

Operation Range (Cooling):-15 ~ 46 °C

Operation Range (Heating):-15 ~ 24 °C

Suitable for rooms up to: 20 square meters

Warranty: 60 months

Refrigerant: R-32


Indoor unit:
Dimensions:293 x 798 x 230 H x W x L (mm)

Weight: 9 kg

Sound Pressure – cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent): 38 / – / 23 / – dB

Sound Pressure – heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent): 38 / – / 23 / – dB


Outdoor unit:
Compressor type: Toshiba

Dimensions: 530 x 660 x 240 H x W x L (mm)

Weight: 21 kg

Sound Pressure – cooling (High/Nom./Low/Silent): 48 / – / – / – dB

Sound Pressure – heating (High/Nom./Low/Silent): 50 / – / – / – dB



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