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We strive to offer a more relaxed, bespoke experience. Providing our professional individual recommendations, keeps you in control and informed. Whether you’re world renown, or a younger more local name. Our team members are here to assist you with any query you may have, hassle free. 

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Innovate & deliver our higher standards of work to our clientele at a reasonable cost. 

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Pureacr Domestic Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Services

Pureacr design, install and maintain air conditioning systems and energy efficient heat pumps in domestic properties. 

Pureacr domestic air conditioning services

We provide an extensive range of air conditioning systems for installation in any area of a domestic property. Some of the systems we install are fitted with the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology, meaning that they can be controlled through WiFi connectivity.  

One of the major benefits of a domestic air conditioning system is often overlooked. Many air conditioning systems are inverter driven, which makes them highly efficient. Up to several kws of energy can be produced for every 1kw of electricity used. 

Attention to detail is a priority in all our domestic work, and we make good walls and surfaces by hiding unsightly pipework wherever possible.

Free air conditioning site surveys

For our domestic clients we carry out free site surveys and suggest air conditioning options to suit any budget. Our bespoke service is innovative and responsive; we like to think there is no domestic air conditioning challenge we can’t meet!

Heat pumps v gas boilers

Pureacr install air-cooled heat pumps in domestic properties as an alternative to gas boilers. They have a much higher efficiency rate than the traditional gas boiler and are consequently becoming a popular alternative. 

Toshiba accredited

Pureacr are accredited with Toshiba so we can offer our domestic customers warranties of up to 7 years on Toshiba products (T&C apply).

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If you have an enquiry about our products or services get in touch. We’d be happy to have a no-obligation chat about your domestic air conditioning or heat pump requirements.

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